How does it work?

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You can start a campaign on your own, with a team, donate to a campaign, take part in one of the sporting challenges, or support a project via crowdfunding. If you are under the age of 16, then you need to ask your parents for their consent.

A personal campaign

Create a campaign as an individual, or as a whole company, service club or other club. You will be given your own campaign page which you can share with friends, family, colleagues or other people. You can create a number of campaigns in your name. More information...

A team campaign

Do you want to run a campaign with a group of people? Then create a team. A team is given a shared team page with separate members' pages. Each member has their own campaign page which they can share, and an individual QR code. More information...

See also: the tips for campaign starters, the frequently asked questions, and the promotional material for your campaign.