Frequently asked questions

The following list contains the answers to the questions that we regularly receive.

Is there a minimum amount that I have to raise with my campaign?
I am a member of a team. Is the amount I raise individually included in the team total?
How can I deposit cash for my campaign?
How can I remit funds from a campaign that I have run without using the campaign platform?
Can we hand over a cheque in the Princess Máxima Center itself?
Can an ambassador come to my campaign?
What do you do with my information?
Is it also possible to make an anonymous donation?
Can someone from the foundation attend to say a few words or to receive a cheque?
Can we involve the children in the center in our activities?
Can I also sell tickets for my campaign via your platform?
Are there lesson packages or speech packages?
Why do I have to fill in a target amount?
How can I share my campaign?
How do I login to my page for the first time?
Can I adjust my target amount?
Can I change the name of my campaign?
How can I remove my campaign?
How can I change my pictures?
How can I change the text on my page?
What is a countdown date and a countdown label?
Can my page also be moved to another event?
Can you also share my/our campaign on the social media channels of the Máxima?