Starting a team

Would you like to start a campaign with a group of people? Then create a team.

A team is given a shared team page. In addition, each team member receives their own personal campaign page to collect donations. So each team member can devise their own campaign as well, to contribute to the team's target. The money raised by each team member can be seen, but it also accumulates on the team page. One team member can create a number of campaigns.

Examples of teams:

  • A company that takes action with multiple teams of colleagues; each team of colleagues then becomes a 'team member'.
  • A service club with a national campaign for the Princess Máxima Center; the individual clubs then become 'team members'.
  • A school or club that wants to raise funds; each class/team or individual pupil/member becomes a 'team member'.
  • A group of friends decide to run a marathon for the Máxima Center; each runner receives an individual page.


View the list of teams here.

In order to start a team, only one person is needed, who registers him/herself as ‘Team Captain’. The other members of the team can then join in as team members. NB! It is important that everyone submits their email address, so that we can easily contact everyone and help them.

Create a team