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The 102nd Board of Sefa decided to take on a challange and run various distances on the Rotterdam Marathon. Joined by our members, we hope to raise funds for the Prinses Máxima Foundation to support their efforts in cancer research.

Last July, when we all started our board year, getting to know each other, one thing was clear straight form the start: we all like to be active, be outdoor or challanges ourselves whenever possible. Even on our board trip in Morocco, we started the first day with a run together. Every one of us runs for different reasons, some do it more competititevly, some like to get out there in the mornings at start the day right, and for some, running is a new hobby. On thing is for sure, we share our passion for running!

I have been running on and off for years now, doing Spartan races or just exloring new cities by putting on my running shoes. Running has taken me places most people wouln't even dare to dream of: whether that was in the mountains of British Columbia, the city of Amsterdam, lakes and trails around the Alps or the coast of California. This time, I'm running in Rotterdam on the 1/4 marathon distance together with my team at Sefa. I am excited to explore, yet again another place, on my running shoes!

We're running to celebrate a major milestone: our friend and fellow board member, Lars, beat a brain tumor 10 years ago. Our aim? To raise €5,000 for the Prinses Maxima Children’s Hospital for cancer research, a cause dear to us all. I would like to ask you to join us in raising funds for the Prinses Máxima Foundation, come cheer us on in Rotterdam or just share this fundraiser so we can reach as many people as we can. 

Thank you!


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