Reach New Heights
from €5,000 (65%)

This April, our team from Study Association Sefa is taking on a challenge close to our hearts. We're running in the Rotterdam Marathon to celebrate a major milestone: our friend and fellow board member, Lars, beat a brain tumor 10 years ago. Our aim? To raise €5,000 for the Prinses Maxima Children’s Hospital for cancer research, a cause dear to us all, and especially to Lars.

Since our journey together started at Sefa this July, we've discovered a shared passion beyond our board roles: running! After a successful half marathon last October, we're stepping up our game. While Lars is gearing up to smash the full marathon in under 3 hours (no big deal, right?), the rest of us are rallying behind him, each tackling a personal 10k. In our mix of speeds and experiences, we share one common goal – to support this incredible cause and reach new heights.

Support Our Marathon Challenge

Your support would mean the world to us! Whether it's cheering from the sidelines, spreading the word, or donating to our fundraiser, every bit helps us get closer to our €5,000 goal and makes a huge difference in the fight against cancer. Every donation, no matter its size, helps us move closer to this goal and makes a real impact in the fight against cancer.

A Unique Opportunity for Businesses to Get Involved

For the business community, we have a special invitation. Join us on this journey by donating €250,- or more, and in return, we'll feature your company's logo on our marathon shirts. It's a fantastic way to gain some visibility amongst our student community while showing your support for this beautiful cause. If you're interested in this please reach out to

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