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Maurizio Magnano

( Member of team: Maxima's Helden Kerstrit - (MHK) - Est.2017 )

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My name is Maurizio and I am Italian. I live in Utrecht since 10 years. Inspired on what happen every year in Torino, Italy, my home town since the year 2000, I started in the 2017 in the Netherlands, during the Christmas time a Christmas motor ride. With the help of other 10 guys,dressed up as Santa Claus, we drove our motorbikes around the road of Utrecht (The Netherlands) in a cold winter day. We wanted support Maxima's Oncology Children Hospital Centrum in Utrecht. We wanted to give a smile to the children there and their families during those cold Christmas time while they are sitting in the hospital. We wanted collect funds for cover the cost of activities for them. Those activities, are not paid by insurance of by anybody if not independently financed.

The Group first was called "Kerstmannen tegen Kinderkanker" but was bit to strong for the children and we decided to give a new name. After consulting my coorganizators we got to the name which actually is : Máximas Helden Kerstrit. In 2018 and 2019 everything was still at the first step but began to generate interest from all over the Netherlands due to the interesting format.

As all the good thigs, they attract lot of interest and good people people but there are on their way also moment of storm and in order to keep more control on finance and respect for the rules according to the law,  I decided to create a foundation with the help of trusteed people and members. 

In the September 2020 the foundation called  Máximas Helden Kerstrit AKA MHK Est. 2021 was enstablished.

Now in The Ntherlands activity "copy and past" are replicating which is good but also they are disorientating the people but for sure, despite what many claim, we, MHK Est 2021 from Foundation importe and made the original Christmas on the Motorbike format called as Máximas Helden Kerstirit.

Activities are very important for the kids to support them psicologically during the long stay in the hospital.

The first year we collected 1200 Euro. In the 2018, about 15.000 Euro were rised. In the third edition our event, where we were almost 250 bikers and we had a great Christmas market in the center of Utrecht we collected about 25,000 Euro. In the 2020 despite the COVID 19, Pandemic situation we generated about 40.000 euros. (This ammount is given considering, our target, plus the side group who left and start for their own) 

The 2021 is still a challenge but many new thing are happening. Newspaper and Tv are getting more and  more interested in what we are doing and people keep liking what we are doing despite the have to orientate for which group take part based in which value and which identity. 

Our value, the original group is  based on RESPECT, HONESTY, CHARITY, LOVE and FRATERNITY between people and bikers. We want to give chance to people to touch what is happening behind the walls of a Oncologic Centrum and let them change their sould and feels for life, we want to enrich them. Let them understand how life is in real and doing this bring more energy for help the kids in the hospital.

For this reason we say : "One you see and touch, you will be never the same person. And once you are not the same person anymore you will look at the world in a different way and hopefully in a better World".

We don't  only collect as much money as possible but we also want to offer real experience to the kids and their families in order to find one moment of serenity and hope. Believe and hope in the LIFE and in the future. Therefore our contribution is not only based on Economical support but also in contribute in real activity and moment of real contact with the Christmas men/women and the kids.

With my company, MCoating International, specialized in High Tech Advanced Coatings, I am supporting this cause, and I hope all my customers and suppliers will take their part in this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I believe that doing good we will feel good. Small things made from out heart are the one which bring us to give a true sense to life. Only with respect to life in any form, supporting it, protecting it, it will make anyone an Hero.

Since I live in Utrecht I would like to involve the people from the area in this project as well and offer them the chance to know me better for the project we are running.

Thank you


Maurizio Magnano

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