Running Against Odds: from Recovery to the Rotterdam Marathon

Lars Mol

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In June 2014, my life took an unexpected turn: at twelve years old I got diagnosed with a brain tumor. Devastating as that moment was, I stood determined not to let it define me. Two brain surgeries, and several days in the intensive care unit later, I got my life back to a path in which I could set its challenges.

After overcoming the tumor, I returned to my childhood passion, track and field, with a reborn determination. Having to start building endurance from an absolute zero, I embraced each run, cherising the feeling of freedom and accomplishment it brought me.

Fast forward to today, a decade later, and I'm gearing up to run the Rotterdam Marathon this April. Over 10 years I fully rebuilt my endurance, progressed, and got back to competing in races again. Now, I have my eyes set on an ambitious goal: to break the magical 3-hour barrier in my marathon debut.

Realising how fortunate I am to have fully beaten the tumor, only leaving a scar on my hairline as a reminder of this chapter, I want to use this journey to give back. Together with a team consisting of friends from Study Association Sefa, we aim to raise 5000 euro for the Prinsess Máxima Center, whose doctors once have helped me so much. 

Every small contribution can provide hope to these young warriors fighting the same battle I fought ten years ago. 


For business
At the start of the marathon my outfit, and that of the team, will hopefully be filled with as many sponsors as possible. For a donation over 250 euro you will have the chance to put your brand or logo on our shirt. Besides wearing the shirts at the Rotterdam Marathon, all business sponsors will be promoted on Sefa its socials. If you wish to get your business connected to our cause, you can reach out to me via

All donations will be used to fund cutting-edge research, innovative treatments, and facilitate care that falls outside the general healthcare budget.

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