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Eva Dijkstra

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This April, our team from Study Association Sefa is taking on a challenge close to our hearts. We're running in the Rotterdam Marathon to celebrate a major milestone: our friend and fellow board member, Lars, beat a brain tumor 10 years ago. Our aim? To raise €5,000 for the Prinses Maxima Children’s Hospital for cancer research! 

My running journey kicked off during my exchange in Rome, Italy. Despite my initial aversion to running, I saw it as a chance to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. Over time, I grew to enjoy it more and more. However, after my exchange, I had to take a break from running. But in October, I jumped back in with a 5km competition.

Now, setting my sights on the 10.5km race in Rotterdam feels like the perfect next step. And what better way to do it than by combining it with raising money for the Prinses Maxima Children’s Hospital for cancer research? As mentioned earlier, our Commercial Officer, Lars, has a personal connection to the cause, having overcome a brain tumor ten years ago. With the rest of the board running 10km, we aim to contribute to Lars' mission of giving back to the hospital that once treated him.

We would greatly appreciate your support in helping us reach our fundraising goal. Every contribution counts towards making a difference!


For business
At the start of the marathon my outfit, and that of the team, will hopefully be filled with as many sponsors as possible. For a donation over 250 euro you will have the chance to put your brand or logo on our shirt. Besides wearing the shirts at the Rotterdam Marathon, all business sponsors will be promoted on Sefa its socials. If you wish to get your business connected to our cause, you can reach out to me on WhatsApp or via

All donations will be used to fund cutting-edge research, and innovative treatments, and facilitate care that falls outside the general healthcare budget.

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