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Maurizio Magnano

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My name is Maurizio and I am Italian. I live in Utrecht since 10 years. Inspired on what happen every year in Torino, my home town, I start in the 2017, during the Christmas time,  together with other 10 guys, a drive with Santa Claus cloths on the motorbikes around the road of Utrecht (The Netherlands). We did this because we want support Maxima's Oncology Children Centrum in Utrecht. We want to give a smile to the children and their families during the Christmas time, while sitting in the hospital and collect  moneys in order to cover the cost for the activities. Those activities, are not paid by insurance of by a  governative help. Activities are very important to support the kids psicologically during the long stay in the hospital. During the first year we collected 1200 Euro.

In the 2019, at the third ediction of the event,  we were almost 250 bikers and supporters and we collected about 25000 Euro.

With my company, MCoating International, I will advertise, also,  this action and I will be greatfull to all my clients if they will contribute even with a little sign to this cause.

I believe that doing good we will feel good. Small things made from out heart are the one which bring us to give a true sense to this life. Only with respect to life in any form and support it, it will make anyone an Hero.

Since I live in Utrecht I would like to involve the people from the area in this project as well and offer them the chance to know me better for the project we are runnig.

I hope to have a big support from all of you!

Thank you


Maurizio Magnano

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