Running for Children's Health by NCC Group EMEA
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For the second year running, the NCC Group EMEA team are going to be racing around Amsterdam on the 20th October to raise money for The Princess Máxima Centre for children. This charity cares for children with cancer and is a cause close to our hearts, having had a colleague directly impacted by the support The Princess Maxima Centre provides. The mission of the Princess Máxima Center: to cure every child that gets cancer, with an optimal quality of life. Last year we covered the full 42.2km marathon distance and all made it round the course in one piece. This year we are taking part in the Half Marathon distance, competing against our own personal times with the aim of elevating our fundraising and making the biggest contribution we can to the efforts of The Princess Máxima Centre for children.


Will you support us and the children in need of your help?