NCC for Emelie

NCC Group EMEA Team Marathon
from €2,000 (108%)

We will be running in memory of Emelie to raise money for The Princess Máxima Centre for children (and their parents) who will be facing a child with cancer like Henric and his family. To get the best support by the hospital, like they did. And to get the best chance for their children to get better. Like the mission of the Princess Máxima Center: to cure every child that gets cancer, with an optimal quality of life.

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€15 15-10-2023 | 17:47
€15 15-10-2023 | 08:35
€50 15-10-2023 | 00:56
€25 14-10-2023 | 22:04
€25 14-10-2023 | 19:26