Dachasers for childeren with cancer
from €2,000 (5%)

There is a lot of sadness and struggle in the world, and fighting these struggles alone is hard. With DaChasers, we want to bring people together to overcome these struggles and contribute to the world.

Chasing a goal alone can be hard, but together we can achieve a lot. Together, we can raise a lot of money for a good cause and help the children who are fighting their battles alone.

Together, we keep chasing for a better world. 

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€5 16-03-2023 | 16:27
€20 16-03-2023 | 15:03
€5 21-02-2023 | 11:28
€15 20-02-2023 | 23:16
€25 20-02-2023 | 20:15