Promotional material and logos

On this page you will find promotional material that you can download for free, for your campaign. Besides this, you will also find fun articles in the webshop, such as balloons and wrist bands! We also have a number of flags and banners that you can borrow (available for collection at the Princess Máxima Center). Contact us.

Campaign logo 

We have a campaign logo that you can use to support your campaign. On this page you can download the logo in a variety of sizes and variants. The use of the logo and the communications surrounding your campaign are subject to a few conditions:

  • The logo may not be embellished or altered.
  • The communication must make clear that it relates to a campaign for the benefit of the Princess Máxima Center but that it has not been organized by the Princess Máxima Center.
  • Information about the campaign must clearly state the composition of the campaign, for example by stating what percentage of the funds raised will go to the Princess Máxima Center.


Below you will find a few films which you can use in your campaign, and which give more information about the Princess Máxima Center.


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