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I have seen what an impact cancer has on children, especially when I saw the impact on Jacolien!

I have also seen and heard from the parents about all the resources which are needed for the ongoing care of the children. This has touched me, and I want to support this crowdfunding campaign that has been set up by the family.

I want to support it by doing my own special crowdfund action within this team, within my specialities which are crypto!

So that at the end there will be enough financial resources for the Princess Maxima Center in the future to give the care needed for children with cancer.

My crypto crowdfund is sponsored by the FIRO team and is supported by the MoneyByte Crypto team. A special page has been created on the MoneyBye website for this crypto promotion:


Crypto donation addresses:

   DOGE: DAY4pQk57X4gDLPNhiESgvYf82dRF6bvkV


  DGB: dgb1qz3autr648hn3kl9vfda5uhlevyanm2cu0r9ftq


   FIRO: aExK2sykb78Vvap5AENdHZAe7aaHsqNqfw


  SYS: sys1q09u4qlauend5z0rzjr5ja8f29wu9u3hzkt9667


    ZEN: znjEksHcQ3hUWuEA7kRmFiYHkUkaLT7ePZo


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  BTC: bc1qyf7gqqaxkzdf8lnf0v7xfj35ywxh44wqdwzat2


ETH: 0xc62ccb7da07b1e7268ad8bf9157486b5543f6ed4


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