Met elke trap een stukje dichterbij een werkend medicijn

Maarten Holkers

( Member of team: Bouw-Klik )

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De kracht en weerbaarheid van jonge kinderen met een verschrikkelijke ziekte is de inspiratie om ze te steunen

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€60.50 30-06-2023 | 09:53 Fantastisch dat je donderdag 29 juni Tour de Bouw hebt meegefietst met Team Bouw-Klik voor Prinses Máxima Centrum tégen kinderkanker - Bouw-Klik doneert voor elke km €0,25 en elke locatie €1,00. Hopelijk tot volgend jaar!
€25 30-06-2023 | 07:32
€25 28-06-2023 | 20:05 Om de strijd kracht bij te zetten.
€50 28-06-2023 | 19:02
€15 28-06-2023 | 09:06
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07-06-2023 | 11:24 Once again, like the years before, I’m overwhelmed with the kind messages and generous donations from my friends and colleagues. This will be my 5th year participating in the Tour de Bouw, which is, for a person not working in construction, always a bit strange connection. About six years ago, because injuries didn’t allow me to continue playing volleyball, I took my old mountain bike from the shed, removed years of dust and started a short trip with minimal motivation but maximal effort. After 14 kilometers, I was completely exhausted, but was (re-)infected with the biking-virus. In the years after, I gained stamina, bought new bike(s) and gained strength. This all was applauded by my neighbors who started years before me and motivated me in group rides and social events One of these motivational events was my first entry of the Tour de Bouw in 2019. This was organized by one of my neighbors who has a company linking construction workers to job sites. We biked for 173 kilometers, bringing ‘Hollandse nieuwe’ herring to different sites and in return got money for charity adding up to 11.500 euro. The charity at that time was Stichting Juul, a local organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for children with cancer. Over the past years, this event grew and grew and so did the number of participating construction companies but also bikers. For this year, over 40 building sites are joining, groups but also individual cyclists are riding and it has become a multi-day event. With that growth, over the years the amount of money raised also steadily increased to over 65.000 euro last year. And every euro goes directly to the Princess Maxima Centre in Utrecht. This year, as it is my 5th time, I wanted to do something special. Due to COVID, the event changed a bit in 2020 as we couldn’t ride in groups anymore, so the 2nd and 3rd years I did a massive 200+ kilometer solo trip and last year a 4-day 400 kilometer mini-Tour. This time around, I have dedicated the ride to Juliëtte Bakkenes, a young girl that sadly lost her fight against cancer at the age of 8. Her parents started Stichting Juul and the logo they picked was a butterfly. Therefore, I will do my Tour de Bouw 2023 in the shape of a butterfly and I will ride it on the 28th on June, the date she passed away in 2007. I’m currently finetuning the route, because I have to pass as many construction sites as possible to get more money but I will share it in a next blog. Yet as I started this message, once again, like the years before, I’m overwhelmed with the kind messages and generous donations from my friends and colleagues. I’m just the person riding his bike, asking you for a donation for an event the vast majority has no affiliation to and still I’m overwhelmed with the kindheartedness and generosity of all of you. It really motivates me making this event and my ride successful M.
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