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Hi, thanks for your interest in helping, you can find a brief explanation below about the center. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Louis or Gerke from Joinson&Spice.

About the center

The Princess Máxima Center is not an ordinary hospital, but a research hospital. All children with cancer in the Netherlands are treated here. This makes the Princess Máxima Center the largest pediatric cancer center in Europe. Over 450 researchers and 900 healthcare professionals work closely with Dutch and international hospitals on better treatments and new perspectives on cures.

In this way, we give the child of today the very best care and take important steps to improve the chances of survival for the children who are not yet cured.

This concentration and integration of specialized pediatric oncology reflects our mission: to provide a cure and optimal quality of life for every child with cancer. Close cooperation between care and research will lead to more children being cured of cancer, with fewer adverse effects later in life.

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