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Barry Barnhoorn
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April 26th 2021 our 15-year old son Wouter was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. The fantastic people in the Prinses Maxima Center put all their efforts, experience and loving care in helping him. After 5 chemo therapies Wouter's treatment was finished with success. So far, all follow-up tests have been good. We are extremely grateful for the help of the PMC and all affiliated cancer research centers.

Together with Rolf Jorna and many great colleagues at Action we decided to organize a charity run in 3 of our distribution centers. We invited all Action co-workers and their loved ones to join, from stores, offices and logistics. All benefits will go to research to help cure cancer, and making the treatment and life of children with cancer as good as possible. And Action decided to DOUBLE all sponsor income!

Of course, I will join this run and go for 8 kilometers in the distribution center in Zwaagdijk! I really hope you want to sponsor me, or one of my enthustiastic colleagues, in our goal to raise as much money as possible for this great cause!

Thank you!

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€20 30-01-2023 | 23:16 Ik vind het zo mooi dat je de kracht gevonden hebt met alle recente tegenslagen te dealen en toch dezelfde Barry bent gebleven, en misschien zelfs wel een betere
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