Always Ride (& Fight) in style

Ron Betist

Still to go

from € 1.500 (92%)

A personal quest in support of all Heroes of the Máxima Center

For a substantial number of years I have been fighting to generate donations for charity.

As riding motorbikes is basically a solo activity, why make an exception when campaigning for this cause?

Follow my personal motorcycle antics on Facebook or Instagram

And invite me for making some cool #MotorcycleMischief pictures or a video in return for a donation :-)

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€ 30 19-09-2020 | 09:51 Ron Betist is a tremendous leader with a great heart.
€ 756,05 18-09-2020 | 15:50
€ 548 04-08-2020 | 20:49 De actie van dit jaar is ter nagedachtenis aan Cas van der Laan en aan alle andere kinderen die zo hard vechten om hun gezondheid terug te krijgen!
€ 50 01-07-2020 | 16:36